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Airline Service Telecommunication equipment and system Air cargo service Shipping cargo Batching and mill feeding Wheel Loader ,capacity : 1.7m3, Metal Hopper, capacity : 10 m3, Discharge Belt Conveyor, model NPE120, width 1,200 mm, Belt Conveyor, model TNC800, width 800 mm, Continuous Balance, Level Indicator, Electrical Cabinet, Set of Steel Structures, total estimated weight 19.270 kgs, Metal hopper with tailgate to contain the material, Feeding caisson, Foundation Plate, Electronic weighting system, Automatic Balance, Electric Hoist, max cap. 2.000 kg, Continuous mill feeding Tank, capacity : 15 m3, Plate Pump, capacity 1 m3/h, Valve, Electrical Cabinet, Deflocullant supply, Piping, Discharge Belt Conveyor, model NPE120, width 1,200 mm, Continuous Balance, Belt Conveyor, model TNC500, width 500 mm, Discharge End, Measuring and Adjustment system, Connection, Set of Material, Cylindrical connection, Set of sliding rails Slip preparation Continuous drum mill - mod. MTC101, cap. 100m3, Set of metal structures, Electrical Cabinet with PLC, Grinding media - silica pebbles weigt 68.000 kg, BIN capacity 700 ltr, Connection, Electric Hoist, max cap. 2.000 kg, Linkage, Lining for no.3 chambers and no.6 mouths, Vibrating screen, Level indicator, working length 0.25-5 m, Diaphragm pump, diameter : 80 mm, cap. : 20 m3 H2O/h, KIT, Set of PVC tubes, Iron remover tank, Vertical pump mod. Jolly for unloading of screen channels - MTC feeding, Tank in reinforced concrete, Continuous level indicator, Series of metal mountings, Blade stir- mod. ASP210, Iron remover unit with slip capacity : 18 m3/h, Residual water stirring system capacity 60 m3, Diaphragm flow damper, Mass flow meter, max nominal pressure 16 bar & diameter 50 mm, Set of metal frames, estimated weight 21.500 kg Powder spray drying and storage Spray Drier, model ATM 140, main fan flow rate ( at 100oC) : 134.000m3/h, spray-dried powder temp. : 40 - 60oC, nominal heat output : 11,500,000 Kcal/h, Pump. Mod.PPB313, max delivery rate 13m3/h & max pressure : 30 bar, Wet dust separator, exhaust air dust max. level <30mg/Nm3 , Belt conveyor, mod TNC500, Vibrating screen, surface 0.932m2, , Flair belt conveyor, mod TNP500, width : 500mm, max cap. 25 ton/h, Blade-type diverter, Level indicator, Metal bin, cap. 150 m3, Electrical cabinet, Conditioner, Set of steel structures, estimated weight 24,970 kg Press loading Gravity discharger, max rate 30m3/h, air supply pressure : 6 bar, Belt conveyor, mod TNC500, Bucket elevator, mod. ETN4, max handling cap. 25 ton/h, Vibrating screen, surface 0.932m2, Flair belt conveyor, mod TNP500, width : 500mm, max cap. 25 ton/h, Blade-type diverter, Hopper, cap. : 2.8 m3, Level indicator, Control Panel, Conditioner, Set of Metal Frameworks, total estimated weight 4,770 kg Pressing and fast drying Powder feeding device, ALM175 type, Hydraulic press, mod. : PH2090, max plunger stroke 160 mm, max pressing force : 2,000 ton, max no of cycles/min up to : 22, Set of wrenches, Machine bedplate, Sound-proof cabin, dimensions 1120x2050x1370 mm, Set of electric cables, Motor-driven pump, cap. : 83 ltr/1', Set of material, Air-oil cooling system, Upper punch holding plate, dimensions 500x1610 mm, Connection for die sets, Entry punches die sets, Matrix for tile size 400x400 mm, Hydraulic unit, Automatic conveyor, Single layer horizontal dryer, EUP 270/42 type, Set of Electric cables, Two-side discharge system, NUE type Glaze preparation : Mechanical balance, max cap. : 1.500+500 kg, BIN, capacity : 0.85 m3, Electrical hoist, max cap. : 2.000 kg, Volumetric meter, Drum Mill, MLD120 type, drum cap. : 12 m3, Inside Lining, thickness : 50.8 mm, weight : 5.550 kg, Grinding charge diameter : 1"-1"1/4-1"1/2-1"3/4-2", Drum Mill, MTD050 type, drum cap. : 5 m3, Drum Mill, MTD010 type, drum cap. : 1 m3, Drum Mill, MTD005 type, drum cap. : 0.5 m3, Vibrating screen, Diaphragm pump, pipe diameter : 50 mm, cap. : 6 m3 H2O/h, Overhead round tank, cap. : 5.5 m3, Bladed stirrer, mod ASP204, Slow-speed stirrer, Set of materials, Iron remover, Deferrization tank, Set of steel structures, Piping, Electrical Cabinet Glazing line 1 stainless steel wheeled vibrating screen, SPS600 type, n. 1 90o curve, Mechanic spacer, Brushing unit, Electro blower, n.1 connection mobile arm, high pressure airless humidifier complete, Stainless steel double disk cabin, Rotary silk screen printer Stirrer tank, Diaphragm pump, Screen Holder kit, High pressure fixing booth, Automatic brushing machine for the creation of rustic effect, Set of materials, Complete equipment Single Firing Kiln Single-layer horizontal dryer, mod JMC 2550 - 8.4, module length : 2.1 m, dryer length : 8.4 m, burner model :PL7, min. allowable size 150x150 mm, max. drying temp. : 300oC, Chimney, Fast single-layer roller kiln - mod. FMC 255/115.5, Stand-by electric generator, Cleaning unit Loading & Unloading + Storage Flat Loading unit, Feeder, min tile size 200x200 mm, air consumption : 3 - 5 ltr/min, Unloading unit, min tile size 150x150 mm, Motor-driven roller, conveying system, Link roller frame, Stand-by conveyor belt, Inspection fixture, Set of tools, Automatic vehicle, Battery replacing station, max cap. : 1000 kg, Spare battery, Battery charger, Operating system, Connection line, Pallets Loading machine, Pallets Un-Loading machine Sorting and packaging Gauge and flatness control unit, Sorting desk, Automatic sorting line, Supply pressure : 6 bar, no of stackers : 9 unit, no of outlets : 7 unit, Air conditioner and dehumidifier, Automatic wrap machine, Coupling device by cold glue, Automatic palletize, Heat-Shrink sealer, Forklift truck Dust collection Dust separator, cap. 35,000 Nm3/h, total vacuum : 400 mm H2O, Exhaust system